What is New Urbanism? CNU video competition winner

In case you’ve ever wondered what New Urbanism is, here’s an entertaining video, which won a contest sponsored by the Congress for the New Urbanism

The film, which was produced by First + Main Media from Julian, California, and Paget Films from Buffalo, New York, visually represents New Urbanist ideas and blames sprawl for the end of civilization. But, it’s a good introduction to New Urbanist ideas.

Congress for the New Urbanism created the film contest to promote its annual conference. This year’s conference, “CNU 17,”  will be held in Denver on June 10-14. Here’s a link to some of the other submissions to the contest. Via NRDC.org.

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One Response to “What is New Urbanism? CNU video competition winner”

  1. denis said:

    May 12, 09 at 7:52 am

    Ohh – I was totally just about to post this! You beat me to the punch!!

    My only point of contention with the little film is the use of the term “new urbanism”. I know I’m being a little bit picky here, but the “new urbanist” orthodoxy as preached by its founders Duany and Plater-Zyberk isn’t completely in line with the direction that I think planning should be going in. Everything about that clip is dead-on and I’m just splitting hairs with terminology. So many “new urbanist” developments have ended up like bizarre old timey theme parks because the developers and architects focus too much on simulating historic neighbourhoods instead of doing what’s best and most sustainable (Cornell in Markham, Ontario is a good example). I prefer the terms “transit oriented development” or “smart urbanism”. But there’s a whole other post right there.