Sink or Swim Round 2: Northeast Division

Well, thus far, it looks as though New York and Los Angeles have the best planning websites of the first round.  Toronto isn’t too far behind and polling will remain open through November.  Admittedly, the sample size is pretty small – but we move forward…

Our second group of cities ranges from the glorious to the notorious, perhaps with websites to match.  Take a glance and let us know what you think of these planning sites from the Northeast.

Remember, the rating scale is as follows:

  • born with gills (best)
  • making waves
  • treading water
  • strictly kiddie pool
  • floats like a brick (worst)

Do these sites give you a window into planning in their respective cities, or would things be clearer if they tried to explain in Esperanto?

Round 2: Northeast Division





Washington DC

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One Response to “Sink or Swim Round 2: Northeast Division”

  1. Mike said:

    Sep 08, 09 at 4:08 pm

    DC provides some multimedia content, which is great, but you’d never know it with their vanilla interface. Similarly, Boston has some good info, but a boring interface. They could both learn something from Los Angeles’ website…