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Profile: Adam Cooper was born and raised in Windsor Ontario. Upon turning 18 he promptly left for greener pastures. After completing a Bachelor of Art (Honors) in Geography with a specialization in Urban Development, he continued on to Ryerson University to complete a second Bachelors degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Not content to quit and move on to the working world, Adam enrolled at UBC to complete an M.A. in Community and Regional Planning. Currently in the final throes of this degree, Adam is also the National Student Representative for the Canadian Institute of Planners.

Contact: ascooper@interchange.ubc.ca

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Green Infrastructure: Paying for Utopia (Feature)

The term ‘green infrastructure’ typically conjures up ideas of LEED-buildings, green roofs, grey-water recycling and emerging clean energy technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines. This type of ‘green infrastructure’ investment is sometimes heralded as an economic save-all, a way to meet the goals of the planning profession while investing in the world of tomorrow. Pundits suggest that investment in green infrastructure will create the backbone of future communities, places that are energy efficient, multi-modal, carbon-neutral and in harmony with natural systems.

However, “green infrastructure” could also have an entirely new meaning. Exploring this expanded definition is going to test our beliefs and will require keeping an open mind. Planners should be up for the task; as a profession we are open to idea exploration, we experiment with new technologies and we utilize our creative instincts when planning for communities … Continue Reading