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The Tech City

Thanks to Leo Reynolds on Flickr for this great Creative Commons photo of hitchhikers in Scotland!

I have recently been witness to the colliding worlds of web and mobile app programming and city planning. Communication technology and transportation have long been studied in unison. A good example is the slow decline of the US Postal Service (with its complex logistics and delivery systems) as more and more people choose electronic communication. The exchange of ideas, people and goods rely on such complex systems.

Since the 1980’s, transportation experts have awaited the day when telework would make a sizable impact on commuting behavior. However, working from home has been very slow to take off, fueled by issues such as employee productivity. Regardless, teleconferencing, remote access, and mobile … Continue Reading

Dan Burden and Vancouver Weddings

Hearing Dan Burden speak to a Vancouver crowd was like Mariah Carey’s third wedding to the same guy: superfluous, self-congratulatory, and all criticism aside, a great way to renew vows.

Thanks to Christopher Lewis Cotrel on Flickr for this heartwarming photo of a Vancouver bicycle wedding!

Vancouver is an incredibly walkable and bikeable place. We get mixed use right, with small scale neighbourhood grocers and a variety of housing types. We care about the human scale, with tree-lined streets, frequent parks and a never-ending supply of the urban necessity of coffee shops. We fight the good fight in reducing travel lanes and handing them over to people, with the Olympics and the Burrard Bridge as examples. Dan reminded us that not only do we … Continue Reading

Feature: Conferences a go-go

Segway tour at the 2009 APA Conference in Minneapolis. Creative Commons photo by TransitNerds

Segway tour at the 2009 APA Conference in Minneapolis. Creative Commons photo by Transit Nerds

In my undergraduate years (I talk about them like I graduated before 2008), I presented at the University-Wide Undergraduate Research Conference at the University of New Hampshire. This event provided the opportunity for students to present their research, usually related to the iPhone use or recycling habits of university students, to the University community and proud parents. As I was a particularly keen student, I was able to present two years in a row, and thanks to a research grant, I was also able to present my thesis work to my state legislature. I found all three … Continue Reading

Editorial: Its ok to parent, just not in public.

Creative Commons photo by JWhipkey

Creative Commons photo by JWhipkey

Last night I went to see “Where the Wild Things Are” at the Scotiabank Theatre on Burrard Street in Downtown Vancouver.  During a pause between scenes, you could hear the tittering of a baby somewhere in the back of the theatre.  The kid had been making noise the entire movie but it didn’t even cross my mind until I heard some male voice: “Clearly your child is not enjoying the movie.”

Laughter followed, and some agreement from other folks.  A few seconds later, a young female voice from down below:

“Could you be more considerate?  We all paid 12 dollars to get in here, and we’d like to enjoy it.”

I was absolutely shocked.  While trying … Continue Reading