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Profile: Tim has over nine years experience as a transportation planner in both Canada and the UK. He currently works for a private transportation planning consultancy in Vancouver BC. He has a particular interest in sustainable transportation, including the promotion of sustainable travel modes in new developments, pedestrian and bicycle planning, traffic calming and innovative streetscape standards. He is a Provisional Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners.

Contact: tim.barton@yahoo.com

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Pedestrian (and stroller) priority in Vancouver

Tim Barton is a transport planner, photographer, and dad in Vancouver, Canada. This informative reflection on stroller-friendly sidewalks was first published on his planning and photography blog Planning Picture here.

Thanks to Jennifer Rogers on Flickr for this amazing Creative Commons photo of her mother in a stroller, in 1949.

Being forced to push your baby out into traffic… feeling like the sidewalk has taken over control of your stroller and is determined to introduce your baby to the fast moving travel lane… having the impression I’m crossing a road when in fact its a lane way.

My wife and I have experienced all this and more in the past year or so as we adapt to life with a baby. We live in downtown Vancouver … Continue Reading