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PICS Lecture – Climate Change and Health Impacts

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions hosts free monthly lectures from many academic disciplines that focus on climate change. This lecture by Michael Bower from UBC and Tim Takaro from SFU focuses on the intersection of climate change and health impacts.

The World Health Organization estimates that climate change causes 150,000 deaths a year (2000). The health impacts of climate change are direct and indirect. Direct impacts include temperatures, and indirect ones include asthma, infectious diseases, malnutrition, mental health, etc.

Climate change impacts in Canada include extreme weather, air quality, the spread of infectious diseases, and increased population from migration, drought, and sea level rise. Canada will also see an uneven distribution of impacts, with some areas being less able to adapt, like rural areas ability to adapt. Luckily we have good infrastructure and public health systems so we will see … Continue Reading

Vancouver’s Bicycle Infrastructure – A Summer Cycle Tour!

In Vancouver, as in many cities in North America and Europe, June is officially Bike Month. To celebrate, the Planning Institute of British Columbia’s South Coast Chapter presented a summer bicycle tour on June 19 for local planners and cycling enthusiasts.

The theme was “Health and the Built Environment”, so the morning began with a chat about the implications of walkable and bikeable environments for public health. Next, the cyclists took to the streets and bike lanes to tour Vancouver’s cycling infrastructure, lead by a dream team of local transportation planners and cycling advocates.

My twelve favourite pictures from the morning are in the slideshow below…

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CTRF 2010 Conference: Active Transportation – influences and policy support for the built environment

From May 30th to June 2nd, Toronto hosts the 45th annual Canadian Transportation Research Forum, with the theme ‘transportation and logistics trends and policies: successes and failures’. The spectrum of papers being presented this year ranges from container shipping trends and implications, to the benefits of roundabouts for pedestrian safety; needless to say there is no shortage of critical ideas! This series of posts will include brief summaries with critiques and links in hopes to evoke critical discussion and questioning on some of the issues.

Thanks to Arti Sandhu on Flickr for this wonderful Creative Commons illustration of active transportation components. She entitles this photo "The Chase"

The two stage sessions that I attended on Monday were on the topic of Active Transportation. The first set … Continue Reading

Weekly News Pool: Bicycles, Social Sustainability and New York City Bees

Among recent improvements in the site layout here at PlanningPool.com, we’ve revamped the NewsPool feature. This is a continuously updated feed of noteworthy current planning stories found on the Net by PlanningPool contributors. Check it out by clicking the tab at the site’s top right!

A few this week’s stories from the NewsPool are highlighted below, for your end-of-week reading pleasure.

In the world of planning for more sustainable transportation, bicycles are getting well-deserved respect in the US and in Mexico City:

Los Angeles Times – Mexico City Bicycle Program Pedals Uphill
Mexico City’s bicycle-sharing system, Ecobici, challenges assumptions in a car-oriented culture. Its goal is to raise bikes’ mode share from 1% to 5% in the city.

CUNY Sustainable Cities – … Continue Reading