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“Do the little things that make a big difference.”

This week, PlanningPool is reporting from the Gaining Ground Summit in Vancouver! Check out the amazing agenda of speakers related to cities and sustainability, and let us know if there are any upcoming events which you would particularly like us to write about.

Jared Blumenfeld, from the US Environmental Protection Agency, started off the Gaining Ground conference lectures with a lively, entertaining, and eye opening talk about  “The Power of Green Cities to Shape the Future.”

Jared Blumenfeld of the EPA, seen here at a ceremony for the San Francisco Bike Coalition's Golden Wheel Awards. Thanks to Sasha Magee on Flickr for the Creative Commons photo!

His comments about the race for greenest city were met with snickers. Although it is a worthwhile race, … Continue Reading

Food Policy Fail – British Columbia’s Meat Inspection Regulations (Editorial)

A mobile poultry processing unit slaughters hens on a farm in Massachusetts. Thanks to Chrisdat on Flickr for the great Creative Commons photo!

In tackling the subject of British Columbia’s meat inspection regulations, I must begin by admitting that I am not the likeliest author. For starters, I’m a vegetarian. Secondly, although someday I would love to keep urban chickens, my agricultural experience is pretty much limited to growing herbs and tomatoes on my apartment patio. However, the economic viability of BC farming affects everyone in the province who eats, including urbanites. Draconian provincial meat inspection regulations create a barrier to local economic development in BC’s small towns and rural places, and to food security throughout the province. Local food activists contend that … Continue Reading